I am putting an end to this blog.

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Okay, I was wrong with the last post.

It turns out I was wrong. I have a long way to go before I can start synching. However, If I can stay focused, lets say, at least work on animation 2 hours a day, It wouldn’t be as long. Bah I’m babbling.

What I have so far is 6 shots drawn out for the first scene. Its for the animatics… so far I have 66 sketches drawn for those 6 shot, but some more of those need to be exported. There are 2 kickers here…First, I have to finish that scene, and secondly, I have about 8 more scenes to go!!!…To sketch!!! This is for the animations. I don’t want to imagine the animation.

Anyway, I’m gonna do as much as I can. After I finish the first scene with the animatics, I’m gonna synch that scene completely, and make a preview animation of it.

Until next time…Goodbye.

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Almost ready for synching.

Hello. With most of the voice acting taken care of, I am almost ready to start synching up everything…well i gotta do the animatics and storyboards as well. after this is taken care of (one of the longest parts) then I will be ready to start animating. Short post, yeah it is, so bye!

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SlideShow of What I have so far.

Ageless Slideshow/concept art

This is what I have so far. for now, all of the characters are drawn out for the first episode, and part of the first scene is drawn out using synfig and pencil. The last picture of Reyon’s Path is entirely done with synfig. However I have a problem with it because it has such a slow render time. I wanted to fully animate that scene but it would take me too long. I will need to find another way round long render times.

As far as progress goes, I have completed Major Gumball’s voiceover. I need to do Blakes next. Darius is doing Viper and Rupert, and I need some people to do some soliders. However, I think I have a someone for that. =) I will need 1 or 2 females voice acters; one for the main lead, and one to speak a 1 liner (perhaps she could do both).

As of now, I am about ready to start synching the first scene. I still need more people to finish the others though! With out other voice acters, i can go no further, unless everyone has the same voice.

If you would like to help in anyway (voice acting, helping with animatics {PLEASE}) send me a message. I’d appreciate it.

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Happy New Year.

Okay the title has nothing to do with the body really.  That’s just me saying “Happy New Year”.  Maybe I should have just thought of a better title so things can make sense.  What’s done is done, and it could be undone at anypoint.




Okay now that my little vacation is done form createing things, i can finally get back to work.  Despite that December vacation, I still managed to get some things done.  I’ve finished 5 drawing characters, and only have 1 more to go, and a templet to go.  I’ve complete Lance’s voice overs.  I’ve also started something called “Dog Vs. Centepede”, inspired by Inuyasha.  It was either episode 1 or 2…I forget.  At least if i don’t finish this project, i can do solo ones.  Also started on another song, got new programs and a new mic. I

There is still plenty to do, say, you know, finding people to play teh soliders, 1 or 2 female voice actors.  I also need to find someone to play the lead.  (This guy right here.)

From now on, I’m going to try to focus more on creating since its all I enjoy.  Well its what I enjoy doing the most….(Awkward pause)


Okay then, time to go back in the shed and create some stuff.

Dont slip.

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I’ve move an inch forward



I’m still at the same spot as I was at my last post.  The reason is because I cannot progress without voice actors because I need to first organize my storyboard (which isn’t made yet because I’m still creating the characters, also Darius is helping as well).  I did manage to do a little voice acting. =)  Hopefully, my part will be done by the end of the week.  However, I still would like to have more besides me.


If all comes to worse I’d just voice the whole thing myself, or just get rid of the voice acting parts and just add text.  I don’t want to do that, but I want to get this thing done.

I’m also not gonna make another song until I finish putting all of the voices togeather and synching them.


Until next time.

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In need of voice actors

The script is finally done, and I am in need of some voice actors.  The script is 26 pages, and I think this episode will be around 15-20 minutes.  It could be more or less…  I need about 13 people (2 or 3 female) or less, depending on how many voices a person can act.  A little warning though is that there is some cursing in the dialog, so if you have a problem with that, let me know before please.  There is no swear with God in it.  I will avoid that at all costs.


I won’t be able to pay the actors because I am not being paid for this project.  I am doing this selfishly, and I don’t plan on selling out…  However, they will get credibility, and my thanks.  If I do sell out (doubt it) I will make sure that they get paid as well.


If your interested, give me a message, and I would like to talk to you through skype or something.


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Script writing and voice acting.

Hi all. This is just another update on my progress. So far, I’ve written “2″ scenes so far, and now i have “1″ more scene to go for the first episode. When the final scene is written, then i will be needing voice acters to help me with…voice acting. To be honest though, I don’t even think I will have the chance to finish, but it’s not going to stop me from trying. If I don’t just know that I’m trying.

I’m also working on a tutorial for Synfig. It’s related to putting 2d animation with real footage. hopefully, it will be done right, and it will be coherent. It will be a written tutorial, or a video tutorial. I’m not sure yet though. I’m not sure.

I’ve finished a couple of songs too, but i may take a break from music for a while.

Until next time…

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You know, this didn’t quite go according to my plans.  Two things actually.  I’m going to start with the good news.

You remember The big project I am working on?  Probably not because this is my first time mentioning it on this site…which came out last month  The only way you would know is if you’ve seen my post on Newgrounds.  Anyway,  I didn’t plan on starting it until next year, BUT somehow,  Things are going faster than I thought.  I thank God for that. =)  So far, I have the whole draft of the story written out, and now I have to break them down into episodes and put more detail in it.  Also, I have sketches of the 2 main characters in my notebook.  Don’t worry, Ill show them off eventually…or never.

Oh yeah!  I’ve also finished another song called “I am a Weakling.”.  Look at the links and click music to hear that and other songs.


The bad news is this:

Video (I’m sorry but I don’t know how to embed on WordPress…Someone Help Please!)

It did not come out so good…  In my defense, this was my first time trying something like this!  I’ll nail it next time. Also, Music is slowing down a bit. =(

Well thats all.  Later.


Oh I almost forgot!  I’m planning on adding more links to help people who wants to animate or make music.


Edit: 10/11/2012

I’ve just updated the Links to show most/all of the free software that I used to create things.  I have art software that isn’t free, so I won’t be giving that away.  You would need to buy a Bamboo Wacom tablet for that.  Sadly, I haven’t mastered that software yet, and its pretty nice if you ask me.


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Welcome to Throw-up Studios site.

Welcome to Throw-up Studios site.  To be honest, it’s not even a studio.  It’s just a random guy behind a computer…who vomits occasionally.


Before you hit the back button , let me explain why this site, and why it is here.  Basically, this site is going to be used to display my work, and the work of others that I work with.  Mostly, its going to be used as a Linking site to show my /our work, whether it be music, animation or art.  I’m planning on posting my current works probably once a month…starting in October.


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